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Инструкция для набора мышечного

On Adjust Clock, Phase, V-Position and H-Position automatically when the signal input is changed. NOTE The brightness of screen varies for several seconds during the adjustment. You can not adjust the Gamma and Economy Mode during sRGB mode because those settings are locked.

You can change the picture quality from 1 to 5 sharp to soft. See page 22 for SCREEN ADJUSTMENTS. OPERATING THE MONITOR 16 ENGLISH Adjust Clock, Phase, V-Position and H-Position automatically. Brightness of back-light is reduced more than Mode1. Return to Menu Highlight "Menu : 2" again. OSD Off Timer Set the OSD Off Timer for 3-60 seconds. Select the Analog input D-SUB.

Select the Digital input DVI-D. NOTE When both Analogue and Digital cables are connected, you can switch between them using the direct access facility described earlier.

If only one input is present, this will automatically be selected. In Power Management Mode input switching is disabled. NO Reset Return to Menu YES Return to Menu. Factory-preset data is restored.

Highlight "Menu : 3" again. Too dark Too bright Too dull Too intense 1 2 3 s Color 1: 9300K Color 2: 7500K Color 3: 6500K sRGB R G B Too weak Too strong User NOTE sRGB is an international standard which defines and unifies the difference of color appearance between equipment.

Return to Menu Highlight "Menu : 1" again. Highlight "Menu : 2" again. The screen adjustments described in this manual are designed to set image position and minimize flicker or blur for the particular computer in use. Displayed text or lines will be blurred or irregular in thickness when the picture is stretched due to the screen enlargement process. It is preferable to adjust the image position and frequency with the monitor controls, rather than the computer software or utilities.

Perform adjustments after a warm-up period of at least thirty minutes. Additional adjustments may be required after the Auto Set-up depending on the resolution or signal timing. The Auto Set-up may not work correctly when displaying the picture other than the screen adjustment pattern.

Октябрьское поле, 1-й Волоколамский пр-д, д.

If the requirements are met, a confirmation message is displayed, Press PLAY to confirm, the firmware flashing starts, rockbox now overwrites iriver firmware. If everything went fine, you should see, "Success" and the player will return to the file browser.

Now you can commence using your Rockbox flashed player!. Flashing with Rombox ROM : Set "Show files" to "All". If the requirements are met, a confirmation message is displayed, Press PLAY to confirm. Restore the boot sequence to your preference as per Bootloader configuration below To upgrade the flash image in the future, you can follow the same procedure as described in this section. Bootloader version 7-pre3 4 has an integrated failsafe menu system that can be used to configure the default boot sequence.

Save your settings and exit NOTE: Prior to installing a new build in a pre-flashed player, change the default boot sequence to Disk, then Re-flash. Firmware recovery Should there ever be a problem preventing startup using the flashed firmware image, you can always invert the boot priority by pressing and holding down REC button before turning on player.

That will cause Rockbox to load from disk if default behaviour was to load from flash and vice versa.

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ESPRIMO Edition P2510, Celeron D, 1gb Ram, 120gb H.


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