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Заняття в дошк льному заклад конспекти п дсумок про зиму

ATI may rule at the moment, but none of the scores here are by any means unusable or substandard in terms of gaming playability or compatibility. Each card has stood out in the area that it was designed for. Older benchmarks written for DX 8 clearly like the Ti-4600 better than the newer FX card and in spite of the power behind it, the Ti-4600 is simply not capable of surpassing the 5600 FX in the newer technology written into DX 9.

The only exception to that is with the Splinter Cell test which was written with DX 8 and released with DX 9. The game engine benefits from the power increase but eye candy in game is not as nice as the 5600 produces.

So our finally decision is that for those of you who are into the newest games it is definitely worth the upgrade for the graphics alone. I think that the issue will be solved decisively with the release of the NV40 chipset. For the rest of you still whacking away in Quake 3 it makes little difference which way you go. I only hope that Team Arena is not on the menu. Any savvy gamester wants the newest and best that the hardware manufacturers put out, but where do you draw the line in regards to what you have to pay divisible by what you want minus what you actually get which in turn equals whether the upgrade is worth the cost.

We need to determine the effectiveness of the upgrade in terms of value by finding what is an efficient use of funds and what capabilities are gained by spending them. If you upgrade for the sake of bragging rights and being able to score well in the latest benchmark or running it at all then this probably is not your sort of problem and none of this will concern you too much. So, another day in the life of the video card world. Currently we see no reasons to doubt the coming releases of the NV 40 and Radeon series of GPUs.

But will they usher in a new era of smoking fast graphics or simply squeeze the older technology a little more and call it an upgrade. How will the hardware and the gaming industry embrace the things to come and what can we forecast for the foreseeable future. There is nothing certain except that technology does not go backwards. Unless Nvidia can pull it out in the near future then I would expect that ATI will be the leader for quite a while to come.

Aside from the obvious differences in the Catalyst drivers vs. Personally we are fine with anything that is not choppy or necessitates turning off the eye candy in order to make whatever favorite game is in the CDROM playable. That is enough for gaming. Usable as it were. But how cool is simply usable. Graphics have come so far lately that the reason for spending the money is and should be for the graphic content itself.

Если вы сами любите классику - давайте слушать и малышу.

Среди них - новый сенсорный ЖК-дисплей с диагональю 7 дюймов и 2,1-дюймовый экран с автоматической подстройкой яркости подсветки в зависимости от окружающего освещения.

RuSharp создала самый тонкий в мире LCD-дисплей Сегодня компании Sharp удалось сделать еще один шаг в совершенствовании технологий LCD-дисплеев.

Инженеры производителя создали самый тонкий в мире LCD-экран, толщина которого менее 0. Подготовлен дисплей-рекордсмен специально для мобильных телефонов, поскольку диагональ новинки всего 2. Приводя точную толщину новинки Sharp, эксперты говорят о цифре 0. Работать LCD-дисплей будет в разрешении 240х320. Кстати, новинка Sharp побила предыдущий рекорд, который принадлежал компании Samsung с LCD-экраном толщиной ровно 0.

Чтобы было проще ориентироваться, в данный момент стандарт толщины дисплея для большинства мобильных устройств - 0. Sharp обещает, что уже в следующем году пользователи смогут оценить качество ее нового сверхтонкого дисплея, купив мобильный телефон, цифровой фотоаппарат или любое другое мобильное устройство с данным экраном на борту. TECH Labs добавлено через 3 минуты Acer P243W - 24"-й гигант родом из Тайваня На днях на Тайване состоялась большая премьера - компания Acer представила 24"-й широкоформатный LCD-монитор P243W.

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заняття в дошк льному заклад конспекти п дсумок про зиму

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